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I have lived in Japan and Sweden for a long time, I know both countries and its society, culture and mentality, the similarities and differences. I worked for global companies operating in Japan, and am familiar with the Japanese business culture. Alongside this, I also freelanced as an interpreter/translator for local television companies, with various topics.

I am fully bilingual in Swedish/Japanese, and speak good business English. My career started within HR but later I worked as a secretary and assistant for Japanese and Asian management teams. I'm used to work with Japanese people, but especially important is my experiences of working in a highly multicultural environment, where every day was confronted with Japanese and Western values​​.

Since 2011, I work as interpreter/translator in Sweden, mainly through assignments from translation agencies and municipalities.

Hiroko Gunnarsson

My background
Born in Sweden. Spending my childhood in Japan (and partly in India), Japanese education up to middle school. High school and University studies in Sweden.

1993 Bachelor degree in Japanese at Lund University
1993-1995 1.5 years of study at Sophia University in Tokyo as a research student
1995-2011 settling and working in Tokyo, 9 years at Tetra Pak and 5 years at General Electric (GE)
2011 return to Sweden, work as freelance interpreter/translator
2012 start my own business, opening SJT Language Service website
2013 became qualified Skåneguide and completed guide traning in the Öresundregion


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