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Below you will find the general rates for translation and interpretation services. Translation fees vary depending on the difficulty of the text (degree of specialization), the deadline and other factors. Please send us the source text/manuscript for a quotation, free of charge. I can give discount for large texts with low degree of specialization.

Interpretation fees depend on the content and location of the assignment. For best performance, I do thorough preparation by studying the terminology and materials to be used. For simple tasks, I can give you a lower price. Do not hesitate to send me your requests, and I will give you a quote incl. travel costs.

<Prices are in SEK Swedish Krona, without VAT>
 Translation:  Swedish >> Japanese  2-3 SEK/word in source text(S),
 depending on the difficulty of the text
 Translation:  Japanese >> Swedish  1.30-1.70 SEK/character in source text(J),
 depending on the difficulty of the text
 Interpretation:  450 - 600 SEK/hour
 Tour guide:  Japanese  Minimum fee 2 hours 1,600 SEK.
 Thereafter per hour 600 SEK
 Others:     Research work,
           transfer guide to/from
           airport etc.
 300 SEK/hour

*VAT (consumption tax)
- 25% VAT will be charged additionally to Swedish customers.
- No VAT charged to customers outside EU-countries.
- No VAT charged to customers in EU-countries if you possess VAT number.
Our company is VAT-registered and approved for FA-tax in Sweden.
Please contact us for free quote :

*Translation fees
- Minimum charge for translations is 200 words/characters.

*Interpretation fees
- Minimum charge for interpretation service is 1 hours work.
- For interpretation assignments, we also charge travel expense and loss-time compensation (100SEK/hour for travel time more than 1 hour).
For assignments with longer trips, we will charge travel expense, accommodation and loss-time compensation.

*Preparation for interpretation assignment
Please provide us with reference material for interpretation, so that the interpreter can study and prepare well. It is essential that the interpreter has enough time to study the topic and terminology, for her best performance. Such materials can be; agenda/program, names/titles of the participants, presentations, manuscripts and other materials distributed to participants, reference materials, glossary/terminology lists etc.

*Tour guide
A qualified Skåneguide charge per hour, with a starting fee of a minimum of two hours. I guide in Malmö, Lund and other cities in Skåne but also in Copenhagen and North Zealand (Kronborg, Frederiksborg castle) in Denmark. I tailor make the tours according to your wishes, either you prefer the traditional sightseeing spots or wish to enjoy antique shops or Nordic design/interior stores.
Please note that the above rates do not include expenses such as entry fees, travel costs (train/bus) or food/beverage. Welcome with your inquiry, and I will give you a quotation.

*Contact us
I guarantee good and personal service as well as timely delivery by e-mail or mail. All sensitive company information is treated confidentially.
You are welcome to contact me for more information (
Any kind of assignments are welcome, big as small.




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